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World Environment Day 2018 – 5th June

(May 25, 2018)

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Seeking innovation

Bruno D’Arcy (SHEQ Manager)

World environment day is held on 5th June each year and the aim of the day is to raise awarenes of the environment and specific environmental issues.

Environmentally friendly solutions are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, and rightly so. Human impacts on the environment has never been greater. With the exponential growths of industrialisation and consumerism we cannot rely solely on stricter legislation for controlling waste and emissions. Environmental protection requires a wider strategy.

Although the construction sector has for too long been seen as a major polluter, this attitude is now changing. Companies are keener than ever to promote themselves as responsible custodians. Innovation, which has al

ways been a factor in maintaining a technological advantage, is now just as important in the procurement process. Major players, keen to display their environmental credentials, are actively seeking more sustainable alternatives to old technologies and materials.

Balfour Beatty, currently the largest construction company in the UK, proudly proclaim their ambition to

“continue to position sustainability at the heart of what we do and in the solutions we provide to our customers”

It is this increased focus on innovative, sustainable solutions that has helped Geobear make inroads into the infrastructure and commercial sectors.

Amey, with their substantial presence in the utilities sector, recognise they face a 

“business environment in which they are challenged to do more with less, and that “innovation is the answer”. And was this strategy that recently steered Amey towards Geobear when looking for a solution for a void filling project in Scotland.

Geobear is proud of its environmentally friendly credentials and we will be posting more articles on the subject in the months to come. We will provide examples of where Geobear has been chosen over alternative, less environmental friendly, solutions; highlight some of the significant research that has been carried out; and provide case studies of projects carried out in environmentally sensitive conditions.


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