Void filling

If you have discovered a void underneath your property and are concerned that it might lead to subsidence and collapse, then you must act quickly to get it sorted. Luckily, Geobear has the quick and simple solution to all of your void problems.

Voids are structural weak points and can lead to dangerous collapse of foundations. Geobear solutions can be used to fill any size of void. We want to save you, your home or your business from disaster. Typical applications include pipelines and tunnels, but the solution is suitable for almost any void.

Versatile solution

We specialise in the application of a range of materials to fill voids, no matter the size or location. Geobear’s solution is known for its effectiveness and versatility, we fill voids beneath roads, railway, major construction sites and residential properties.

Our void filling process involves utilising a specific geo-polymer or a combination or Geobear geo-polymer and a lightweight clay aggregate. The filling is achieved by using lightweight materials that do not impart significant load to the site, so our void filling solution will not lead to any negative side effects on the overall stability of the site.

Our solutions are quick to complete, all of our materials are inert and can be easily excavated, so if at a later date the void needs to be accessed, the geo-polymer can be removed with ease. Where required, we also provide a specialist structural grade void fill solution that can be applied directly or through an injection small hole, providing a non-disruptive solution. This means that your property won’t have to become a loud, obstructive construction site.

The versatility of our solution means that no matter how hard to reach the area is, we’ll be able to pump resin into it with very little disruption to you. We can pump it up to 70m, so our equipment does not have to be directly on the site, giving us even more options for solutions.

Proper planning

The Geobear team will begin planning the job straight away. We will work closely with you and together we will come up with a schedule that is convenient for you, your family or your business. Our staff have worked on countless void-filling jobs, so they have the expertise and experience to adapt and tailor the solution to you and your building.


  • Expanded lightweight geo-polymer
  • Produced on site from a liquid base using minimal plant and equipment
  • Can be pumped over 70 metres
  • Neat solution designed to be as non-disruptive as possible

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