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Void Filling Solutions

We provide void fill solutions for any size of project across the UK and Ireland. Our range of materials can fill pipelines and tunnels, sinkholes, culverts, basements, and voids beneath roads or any other piece of infrastructure.

Void Filling with geopolymer

Geopolymer sprayed into void

Our void filling process involves utilising a specific geopolymer or a combination of Geobear geopolymer and a lightweight clay aggregate. The filling is achieved by using lightweight materials that do not impart significant load to the site, meaning our void filling solution will not lead to any negative side effects on the overall stability of the site.

Structural void filling – we also provide a strengthening fill material injected into voids to support a loaded floor or piece of infrastructure.

The versatility of our solution means that no matter how hard to reach the area is, we’ll be able to pump fill material into it with minimal disruption. We can pump it up to 70m, so our equipment does not have to be directly on the site, giving us even more options for finding the perfect solution.

Void filling creates minimum disruption

Geopolymer for Void filling

Geopolymer expands to fill

We have worked on countless void filling jobs and have the expertise and experience to adapt and tailor the solution to any situation. When it comes to implementation, our team of experts will carry out the necessary work quickly and efficiently, with the utmost professionalism.

As such, we have an extensive experience when it comes to void filling for underground pipes and other potential issues and obstacles that may arise.

An additional benefit is that all of our materials are inert and can be easily excavated, so if at a later date the void needs to be accessed, the geopolymer can be removed with ease.


  • Expanded lightweight geo-polymer
  • Produced on-site from a liquid base using minimal plant and equipment
  • Can be pumped over 70 metres
  • Neat solution designed to be as non-disruptive as possible


Void filling projects

Please use the links below to access some PDF case studies of our void filling projects.

Barking Substation Stabilisation Void Fill

Bristol Hospital Void Fill

Lewisham Gateway Void Filling

Naval Shipyard Void Fill

Bermondsey Dive Under Void Fill

Upholland Tunnel Void Fill

Waste Water Treatment Works Void Fill

Void Filling Coal Sheds beneath Brewer Street

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Geobear has a wealth of experience in effectively dealing with and filling underground voids. Wherever the void is located, we are equipped to deal with the most challenging of locations and conditions.

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