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UK subsidence map

Subsidence is a common problem in the UK, affecting thousands of households and businesses, due to the soil types we have in England and Wales. We’ve created this map to understand where the problem areas are, so we can focus on refining our solutions according to the geographic soil types we’re dealing with.

Since we find this map so useful we thought that you might, too. We’ve taken around 10,000 individual data sets and qualified them to produce this UK map and more detailed regional views. As you can see, the areas which suffer the most are the big cities, like London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Subsidence can happen anywhere, but some areas are more susceptible due to the soil type. Clay and silt are ‘cohesive’ soils, which means that their volume will vary depending on their moisture content – they’ll swell when wet and shrink when dry. 75% of UK ground subsidence cases are caused by soil shrinkage, so if you live in an area of cohesive soil then you are more likely to be at risk.

Sand and gravel are ‘non-cohesive’ soils, which means that they don’t vary in size depending on moisture content, but they are susceptible to being washed away by water flow.

If you suspect your property is suffering from ground subsidence, then take a look at the map to see if you are in one of the areas most likely to suffer from subsidence. We may be able to produce specific maps on request, please email. If you believe you’re suffering from ground subsidence, then please get in touch with the team and we’ll work out where to go from there.

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UK subsidence map complete



London – South-East

East Midlands – Anglia

Midlands – North

Wales – North-West

Wales – Midlands

North-East/West England

Northern Ireland




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