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Slab Lifting and Slab Leveling without Disruption

  • Slab lifting and slab leveling using geopolymer injection
  • Ultra-fast, non-intrusive method of concrete floor lifting 
  • Site will remain operational whilst the slabs are lifted 
  • Similar to slab jacking the result is a return to datum levels 
  • Increase the load capacities of existing slabs
  • No business interruption throughout works
  • Increased operational safety for staff and vehicles on site
  • No requirement to relocate business or operations 
  • Greatly reduced carbon emissions due to minimal plant and material


16mm holes drilled

Steel tubes placed

Material pumped

Lift monitored

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Relevant videos

Geobear solutions versus traditional method

This short video illustrates the key differences between a geopolymer solution and traditional piling for a warehouse or factory slab. Whereas the entire floor space needs to be cleared for a piling solution, Geobear can work around the operation on individual isles or bays.

Slab Lifting Enfield

We were contracted to complete slab lifting and releveling work at a site in north London.

Job completed in a week, saved months in lost lease time

Load bearing increase for York Hospital

This short video shows how the geopolymer process works to improve the ground strength beneath existing foundations. This allows for a greater bearing capacity and in this case a second story endoscopy unit.