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The PWI’s Climate Change Adaptation & Decarbonisation Award

(November 20, 2022)

Three members of staff from Geobear received a prestigious award from the Permanent Way Institute.

Liam Bromley, Karl Sivori O’Neill and Mohamed Wehbi from Geobear’s engineering team, produced a paper for the PWI’s competition that outlined the carbon benefits derived from a Geobear project delivered on a level crossing in the UK.

The paper outlined how from post works analysis, it can be seen that the Geobear method extended the life of the Level Crossing by around 22 years.

Significantly, when compared to replacing the Level Crossing, our solution produced vastly less CO2e.

The traditional replacement method would result in a brand-new concrete rail level crossing with an anticipated life of 60 years. Therefore, considering the life extension analysis which suggested a life extension of 22 years, it can be said that 3 Geopolymer injection treatments would be required to equate to a traditional replacement of the asset, at 0 years, 22 years and 44 years from construction.

An official report by Carbon Footprint Ltd found that the Geopolymer injection solution would generate 95.11% less CO2e over a 60 – year lifespan when compared to the traditional replacement method.

Below – Receiving the award: Liam Bromley, PWI President Pete Dearman, Karl Sivori O’Neill

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