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Technical Report – Lifecycle Extension of Concrete Roads Using Geopolymer

(April 29, 2021)

M54 Road StabilisationLifecycle extension of concrete roads using geopolymer

Geobear recently produced a technical report concerned with geopolymer stabilisation for the eastbound section of the M54. carriageway from Junction 3 Tong Interchange, a roundabout interchange to Junction 2 Coven Heath Interchange, also a roundabout interchange.

This section of motorway covers 8 miles (17.8km) of two-lane dual carriageway and carries an average annual daily traffic (AADT) flow of 50,300 vehicles. The AADT is the total volume of vehicle traffic using a highway for a year divided by 365 days. In simple terms, the AADT flow is a measurement of how busy the road is and is used as a standard method for assessing the vehicle traffic load on this section of the motorway.

The form of construction is a mixture of continuously reinforced concrete (CRCR) and unreinforced concrete (URC) bays laid over sub-base materials. This eastbound carriageway between junction 3-2 is constructed of URC slabs.

Pavement maintenance – defects and solutions
An investigation had been carried out by others, on the carriageway including hard-shoulder, lane 1 and lane 2, and a programme of pavement maintenance requirements was prepared. The URC slabs in lane1 had undergone settlement and an average uplift of 10mm was required to bring the traffic running surface back to level with adjacent slabs.  Download file to continue reading

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