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Life extension of concrete roads using geopolymer resin injection treatment


This report is concerned with the eastbound section of the carriageway on the M54. An investigation reported that the unreinforced concrete slabs in lane 1 had undergone settlement and an average uplift of 10mm was required to bring the traffic running surface back to level with adjacent slabs. Geobear’s geopolymer resin injection method was the chosen solution to repair the asset.

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The use of expansive geopolymers to mitigate floor slab settlement


This paper provides an overview about geopolymers as a sustainable engineering material that can provide cost-effective solutions to lift and stabilise heavily loaded slabs suffering from excessive settlement. Within the paper, a detailed case study for a commercial warehouse with a failing concrete slab was examined to illustrate how geopolymer injections have effectively stabilised the slab without affecting the operation of the warehouse.

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Geotechnical Asset Management


Geopolymer resin injection is a non-disruptive, efficient alternative to conventional underpinning and piling which Geobear has advanced due to over 30 years of research, development, testing and installation. The implementation of the Geobear geopolymer resin injection system can be categorised as proactive (improving the strength of soils to facilitate an increase in loading or combating long term settlement) or reactive (remediation of subsidence).

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