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If you are worried that your property may be suffering from subsidence, a survey will be able to tell you whether that is the case. It is carried out by a chartered surveyor, who will identify if subsidence is present and what the most probable cause is.

On the RICS website you can find a surveyor near you to determine whether you have subsidence.

The RICS also have an in-depth guide to subsidence created in association with Geobear, which you can view here.

Below, you can view the answers to some frequently asked questions on subsidence surveys.

What is involved in a subsidence survey?

A specialist will come to your property to carry out an investigation into the existence and extent of subsidence. This will begin with a visual inspection to look at cracks in the walls, sticking doors and windows and other obvious signs of subsidence. An expert surveyor will be able to determine whether these are signs of a serious problem or simply the result of normal property movement. However, this may not be obvious straightway – diagnosing subsidence can take a while and the property may need to be monitored over a period of time.

In addition, it may be necessary for geographical and drain surveys to be carried out, to ascertain whether something such as unstable soil or a broken drain could be causing subsidence.

Can a structural engineer carry out the subsidence survey?

A structural engineer can carry out a survey investigating subsidence and provide you with a structural engineer’s report on the issue.

However, it is usually recommended to have a chartered surveyor carry out a full building survey, which will thoroughly check for all issues including subsidence.

Does a homebuyers survey already check for subsidence?

A homebuyers survey will provide an initial indication of whether a house may be at risk of subsidence. However, a more in-depth survey may need to be carried out to confirm whether subsidence exists, the extent of subsidence and what is causing it. This might be, for example, a ground survey or a drain survey.

Is subsidence covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance provider and specific policy, but often the cost of repairing damage caused by subsidence is covered by home insurance or commercial property insurance. Take a look at your existing policy to see exactly what is covered. You can read more on the Financial Ombudsman website.

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