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Our Subsidence Repair Techniques And Methods

Clients from all over the world have contacted us to fix their subsidence problems because Geobear has a reputation for modern subsidence solutions that work effectively.

Geobear uses the expansion properties of a mix of unique proprietary geopolymer resins to improve the bearing capacity of inadequate foundation strata to provide highly effective settlement and subsidence solutions. The resin is injected into the ground, where it then expands, forcing the sunken part upwards and re-stabilising the property. The geopolymer materials are strong, resilient, insoluble and highly resistant to chemical attack and long term degradation; our geopolymers have been classed as environmentally neutral.

Our geopolymer resins offer several advantages over other methods:

  • No messy and loud excavations. The only drilling will be a small hole near the site of subsidence to allow the injection. Your property won’t become a building site.
  • It’s a much faster method. Often the area can be back in use 30 minutes after the injection has been completed.
  • The work can be carried out while the property is still in use – perfect for companies that can’t afford to lose work hours.

Here at Geobear, we are extremely diligent and careful in the research and development of our solutions. Our resins have been developed and refined over 30 years, with properties confirmed by test after test and painstaking laboratory analysis. The effectiveness of our resins has been proven over time, in a multitude of field applications and varying environments. We found that the behaviour of the geopolymer resins does not change significantly, even when used in the presence of water.

This diligence practised in the development of our solutions is matched by the way in which Geobear engineers will carry out the ground stabilisation of all of our clients’ properties. They will work closely with every client to make sure that the work will be carried out in the least disruptive possible way.



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