A quick, cost-effective subsidence solution for social housing

When subsidence occurs below social housing properties, it can end up costing councils and housing associations vast amounts of money. It pushes up premiums once discovered, and the process of treating subsidence and repairing damage can be time-consuming and expensive.

Geobear offers the perfect solution:

  • Patented resin injection method
  • No need for excavation
  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Tenants can stay in homes while work is carried out

Geobear has a wealth of experience in helping local authorities quickly sort out subsidence issues in social housing, with a lower-cost alternative to traditional stabilisation methods.

Their unique, modern geopolymer resin injection method means there is no need to excavate below homes: the resin is simply injected through small holes in the ground.

It then expands to fill all voids, compact the soil and raise the ground below the building to its original level, hardening to create a strong and stable base.

Geobear’s methods can also be used as non-disruptive alternatives to pile foundations and shire piles.

Are you or your residents suffering from subsidence?

Our patented techniques and methods resolve all subsidence and settlement related foundation issues in as little as just one day.

Find out more about our non-disruptive subsidence solutions here

No need to temporarily rehome tenants

A major advantage of Gebear’s subsidence treatment methods is that tenants do not need to be moved out of their homes while the work is going on. Having to find temporary homes for tenants during excavation work for underpinning creates lots of additional work and expense for councils and can be stressful and unsettling for the tenants themselves, especially if they are older, disabled or have young children.

As no excavation is required, tenants can remain living in their homes while the work is carried out. The job is typically carried out in just one day!

Council homes with just a few small holes in the ground to inject resin through. There’s no dust or mess involved, and minimum disruption for tenants. And the costs for councils are much lower too.

How does Geobear treat subsidence in social housing in just 1 day?

We drill holes into the ground where subsidence is occurring

The holes are just 16mm across and we may not even need access to the inside of the property.

Our unique geo-polymer resin is injected below the ground

UK Subsidence Maps

Below the ground, the resin expands and to fill voids, compact the soil and raise any sinking ground.

The resin instantly hardens to the strength of concrete

UK Subsidence Maps

In only 15 minutes the expanded resin is hardened and 90% cured, stabilising the ground immediately.

The sinking ground is raised and the property stabilised

UK Subsidence Maps

The results are clear to see straight away: the floor is raised and you can observe cracks disappearing.

A trusted subsidence treatment contractor for councils

Throughout the UK, Geobear has carried out lots of projects as a contractor for local authorities and facilities management companies working with councils. We are a trusted partner that councils keep coming back to as they know we can deliver fantastic results every time. Read our social housing flyer

Below are a couple of example case studies:

Geobear helps to stabilise council property in London

Geobear was contracted by facilities management company Mitie, who manage social housing for Hammersmith and Fulham council, to carry out foundation works and slab lifting for a house that was experiencing bad subsidence.

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Geobear carries out work on social housing in South Glasgow

Geobear was called in by the local council in Glasgow to treat subsidence in a housing estate built over a former limestone quarry. Geobear was able to quickly and easily fix 15mm cracks caused by subsidence.

Read more


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