At Geobear, we deliver fast, emergency remedial work for pavements or slabs affected by lateral ground movement.

Our engineering team is on hand design solution within 24hrs, and our technical teams can be on-site almost immediately to implement the works.

A service failure beneath a road is often a cause for sinkholes that appear on roads. A leaking pipe can cause washout of the sub-surface fill material. Over time, will create a void at depth and consequently, the road area above will sink into the void.

When a road sinks, it will result in a closure affecting residents and business. The local community requires a fast solution that will minimise the impact on their lives. Geobear can be on-site, filling a void with lightweight, structural geopolymer material with a day of a sinkhole appearing. Not only do we fill the void, but inject into the area adjacent to the void which ensures weak ground around the area is not subject to failure. Read about our work on a void discovered in a road in Barnet.

Our emergency works extend to businesses, particularly logistics facilities where access is needed 24/7. We can deliver fast ground injection works to stabilise and re-level slabs that have dropped on any road such as access routes and port approaches.

If you have any sinkholes or emergency requirements, please call us on 0800 084 3503.

Outside normal business hours (evenings & weekends) please contact Jeff Gaucher: 07791 185 140


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