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Sinkhole SubsidenceUnfortunately, sinkholes are becoming more prevalent in the UK due to the changes in ground conditions. This is bad news for property owners, since it’s very hard to predict when and where they’ll occur. Sinkholes can be particularly worrying for anyone who owns a home or building in areas prone to their effects. The potential for irreversible damage is much greater with a sinkhole than other forms of ground movement, because of how suddenly they can occur.

What Are Sinkholes and Why Do They Occur?

Sinkholes are usually naturally occurring, and happen after water gradually dissolves bedrock. This leads to the formation of a cavity underneath the ground. Loose rock nearer the surface then gradually falls into it, like sand down an hourglass, until the surface layer can no longer support itself. Finally, the whole thing gives away, and a sinkhole forms. They’re sudden and can be very dangerous. Sometimes, sinkholes are caused by old mine shafts or similar deep below the ground. The team at Geobear has dedicated itself to preventing them from happening and refilling them when they appear.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes are a form of subsidence, which is when the ground sinks. As with other subsidence types, it is usually possible to spot warning signs before things get really bad. If you notice some of the following things in or around your property, then you should get an expert like Geobear to check whether there is a sinkhole forming:

stairstep crack in wall

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Cracks around door frames and windows
  • Stairstep cracks in brickwork
  • Widening cracks
  • Tilting trees or posts
  • A dip forming in the garden or driveway
  • A pond suddenly draining away
  • Uneven floors
  • Dying vegetation in a concentrated area
  • Dying vegetation in a concentrated area

Of course, these things may just be signs of less severe subsidence or natural settlement. However, if in doubt, it is best to be on the safe side and get it checked out.

We can visit your property to assess what depths of treatment are needed to return your property to its original state if subsidence or a sinkhole risk is present. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit – we’ll talk to you and work out the best solution for your particular problem.

How Can Sinkholes be Prevented?

Sinkholes are prevented by strengthening the ground before a big hole has a chance to occur and cause the ground to fall in. Geobear specialises in treating the ground in and around properties as a preventative measure through ground strengthening. Our ground strengthening works using our resin injection method. We inject geopolymer resin into the affected area, it then binds with the soil and compacts, allowing your property to withstand any sinkhole far more effectively. It will increase its capacity to withstand its weight and, through the expansive force of our materials, we can in some instances lift your property back to its original state.

Sinkhole Prevention – What Can You Do?

If at all possible, follow these guidelines for sinkhole prevention as closely as possible

  • Be aware of warning signs, such as large cracks in your driveway or patio, shifts or slumps in the ground near your home, and pools of water forming after rainfall.
  • Call a professional if any warning signs appear so they can assess the situation and recommend repairs.
  • Have periodic inspections done by an engineer on older residences to identify any potential issues.
  • Install proper drainage systems around the home like gutters, sump pumps, and catch basins.
  • Make sure underground water sources like springs or wells are properly sealed off or abandoned.
  • Fill in excavated areas during construction projects with stable soil and rocks.
  • Consider having a professional install a French drain system around vulnerable structures to divert excess moisture away from them over time.
  • Plant vegetation around your property that helps absorb rainwater runoff instead of letting it collect in pools which could lead to sinkhole formation down the line.
  • Investigate natural features of your area—such as karst topography—to determine if you may be more prone to sinkholes due to geology and climate.
  • Ensure septic tanks are regularly pumped out, as full septic tanks can cause excessive groundwater buildup that could weaken ground stability and lead to sinkholes forming over time.

Sinkhole Repairs Following an Incident

Geobear can also carry out repair groundworks where sinkholes have already occurred. Here too, we use our innovative geopolymer resin injection method to stabilise the ground and help restore it. Our Void Filling page contains more information on how we go about filling holes caused by subsidence.


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