Scarborough Lighthouse Stabilisation
(June 15, 2016)

scarborough lighthouseGeobear was recently contracted to deliver stabilisation and void filling work at Scarborough Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was originally built in 1804 and subsequently rebuilt in 1931. The rebuild saw it built on a pier constructed using sheet piling, however over time the infill between the piles had washed away and a number of voids had began to appear. This would compromise the integrity of the entire structure.

The project required Geobear to fill the voids and stablise the exisiting fill between the sheet piles. This was underwater to a depth of 3 metres for a length of 30 metres.

Geobear its pioneering resin injection method to both fill the voids and bind the existing infill to create a water insensitive stable foundation for the strucutre. Along a 30m stretch of pier, we injected our expansive resins at points located at depths of 1 metre and 2 metres under the water line. The project was made more complicated by the fact that the voids were underwater which necessitated a professional diving team to help facilitate the injection process. The Geobear technicians developed a specific water proof hosing that could take the resins under the water, where it could be injected through 12mm tubes into the voids.

The project was successfully accomplished within two days, the existing voids were filled and the pier substructure stabilised.