Roads & Motorways Subsidence Solutions

Roads are something that should always be stable and safe, especially if it’s a main road that experiences a large amount of traffic. The potential for serious accident will only increase as the problem continues to not be fixed.

Geobear stabilises, raises and re-levels subsided and unstable slabs and flexible road surfaces, quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

Advantages of Geobear solutions:

  • Major highway, bridge approach slabs, suburban streets and motorways are all corrected faster and more economically than by breaking up and replacing the slab.
  • The Geobear Slab Lifting process is quick to apply with no excavation.
  • Work is carried out one lane at a time and at night if required. Because of the speed of the process, Geobear can stabilise roads between rush hours, allowing full use of the road at busiest periods.
  • Vehicles can drive over the corrected area immediately.
  • Flexible road surfaces are also readily stabilised with minimal disruption. Geobear’s Deep Injection process strengthens the sub-base and improves bearing capacity without any excavations or replacement of road materials. Flexible surfaces can be lifted back to level.

Road surface degradation is commonly caused by the movement of the concrete base, we can prevent this movement by stabilising the ground beneath, allowing the road to be used safely again.

This film highlights where Geobear injected geo-polymer resins into the ground beneath Northumberland Avenue in Reading. Our solution stabilised the ground soils beneath the flexible concrete base or slab, meaning the surface replacement will be long-term as the consequent movement of the concrete to surface is minimised.

This technique takes just days for entire lengths of road, there is no excavation and access can be maintained throughout work programmes.

The Geobear solution is:

Quick – Using our pioneering geopolymer technology the work is finished in hours, compared with the few months traditional repair methods can take. With Geobear, planes can start moving again just fifteen minutes after the work. We are by far the quickest solution available.

Cheap – Geobear is 50%-60% cheaper than other solutions. Because our work causes minimal disruption, loss of revenue is low. In the next ten years, Geobear will save EU taxpayers 113 billion euros.

Efficient – Our work is monitored by lasers. It creates a firm base which extends the life of cracked slabs. In 35 years, our materials have never failed.

Environmentally friendly – Compared with other methods, our carbon footprint is very low. Materials will not affect ground water.

In nearly 40 years, Geobear has done over 100,000 projects in 50 countries, proving the benefits of our re-levelling and stabilising solutions.

Geobear is committed to a policy of Zero Harm for our employees, the public and the environment.

Read more about geopolymer and its effects in the ground.


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