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Homeowners have so much to lose when it comes to ground subsidence, in the form of damage, cost of repairs, and depreciation in the value of the property. That’s why we are dedicated to providing affordable and highly effective solutions.

But, while homeowners want to get their problem sorted as quickly as possible, they will also dread the disruption that comes with major structure work. Home is a place to unwind, away from the stresses of work and the outside world, so turning it into a building site is never going to welcomed. However, Geobear’s geo-polymer resin injection method of ground stabilisation is designed to be carried out quickly, quietly and in a way that obstructs as little as possible.

No excavation with heavy machinery is required, unlike with other methods of ground stabilisation. The only drilling required is for a small hole to inject the Geobear materials into next to the site of the subsidence. In most cases, the occupants of a home can stay onsite while the injection is occurring – that’s how non-disruptive a process it is. Geobear stabilises buildings quickly, economically, and with minimal disruption to occupants.

Using Geobear technology, weak foundation ground is strengthened beneath footings and rafts. Where required, rafts can be raised. As the ground is improved, injection is continued to potentially close up wall cracks and correct the alignment of windows and doors.

Precisely controlled by laser monitoring, most projects can be completed from the outside, and there is usually no need for occupants to move out. Work is completed in one or two days rather than weeks. A major advantage of Deep Injection is that it adds very little weight to foundation ground.

Geobear’s technology is the advanced alternative to piling and underpinning, and is widely used by Britain’s major insurance companies, local authorities, and housing associations.

If you think your home might be suffering from subsidence, then please get in touch with the friendly team at Geobear, and we’ll work out a plan to deal with the problem once and for all.

Why choose Geobear

You can stay in the property

Work completed in one day

10 year insurance backed warranty

Customer finance or credit card payments

No excavation or digging needed

Costs up to 50% less than alternatives

Geobear solutions on Channel 4 (recorded in our old name Uretek)

Our Uretek solutions as shown on Channel 4's Help my house is falling down'

Angela Koenig, Home Owner, Sept 2017

Very quick and non-invasive treatment. good people on site who were very patient with neighbours etc, excellent customer service team. Great job, well done thank you

Andy Dawson, Residential customer, November 2017

We had a settlement issue with our living room floor. A structural engineer recommended having it stabilised using resin injection by a reputable company like Uretek.  The work itself took less than a day to complete and apart from clearing the room there was hardly any disruption at all. The team were polite and professional. We feel confident the work has been done to a high standard and solved the problem. It is guaranteed and achieved for a very reasonable price. We fully recommend it.
Thanks very much.
Andy Dawson

Mick Agar, Residential Customer, November 2017

We’ve lived here since 1975 and our brick extension has gradually been moving away from the house. The crack had reached the stage where I could no longer ignore it. No local builder was interested. Uretek came up on the internet while I was searching further afield. Though sceptical, I contacted them and I’ve been very pleased. The extension was surveyed and I got a fixed-price quote without any sales pressure whatsoever.

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Geobear Support St Mungo’s Homeless Charity

Geobear Support St Mungo’s Homeless Charity in Central London with their Christmas Day Lunch for Homeless People Event It is important to consider those that are less fortunate than ourselves, even more so at this time of year Geobear have chosen to make a donation to St Mungo’s homeless Charity this Christmas time. St Mungo’s […]

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Uretek is now Geobear

Globally operating ground improvement contractor Uretek has changed its name to Geobear as of 15th December.

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