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Refer and receive: up to £75* per referral

On many occasions, we are contacted by a customer who explains that a geopolymer based solution, such as ours, was suggested by a professional in the industry.

We proudly maintain that using a geopolymer based solution is faster, more economical and environmentally friendly than conventional methods. Therefore, we have set up a new reward scheme where we will pay a referral fee to any person, business or industry professional that refers to a potential customer to us.


For professionals

To ensure a fair and competitive playing field and so professional integrity is retained, we are not paying a referral fee on winning a project, but only for an introduction to a potential customer that we could offer a solution.

In doing this there is no bias, you are suggesting a Geobear solution as an option for consideration along with any other you deem suitable. Once we have been introduced to a customer who has the need for a solution, there is no liability placed on you. We will discuss the customer’s issue directly and advise on a potential solution using the geopolymer method. Even if the end customer does not use Geobear, you still receive a referral fee.

Easy Process

  • Sign-up using the form below
  • Start referring potential customers
  • Upon receipt of the customer details and completion of a quote, a referral fee will be allocated to you.


Please note, any person acting as an individual, but in employment should consult their own employment terms and conditions to ensure this scheme does not contravene any policy. *Where referral fees can not be accepted, Geobear will make an equivalent charity donation.


For individuals

The referral scheme is open to anyone, simply sign up to the scheme using the form and you will be rewarded for referring a potential customer to us. 


For business

We work with many businesses in the UK to exchange business data subject to GDPR.  For further details please contact Geobear UK Marketing Director.


Referral fee and conditions

The referral fee will be paid subject to the conditions of the Geobear referral agreement. Full details of payments and limitations are available on receipt of sign-up, for Ireland the equivalent fee will be paid based on the current rate of exchange. 


Sign up

Please use the form below to sign-up. Any questions please contact UK Marketing Director, Aleister Willis: [email protected]  Tel:  07753 448 429