Floor Re-leveling

A common problem in certain areas which have less than stable ground is when surfaces and concrete slabs sink into the ground. These sunken slabs look ugly, are a trip/falling hazard, and a potential stability problem for any structure above. That’s why the team at Geobear is committed to tackling this problem with our unique and effective re-leveling method.

Geobear re-leveling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence or settlement stabilising and, where possible, re-leveling sunken concrete slabs. Applications range from domestic repairs to large industrial and commercial projects, roads and airport runways. Roads and airport runways, especially, must be as level as possible to prevent any accidents.

We use a special geo-polymer resin that is designed to re-level your surface in a quick and non-disruptive manner. Due to the fast setting time of the geo-polymer material, re-leveling offers distinct advantages over other remediation methods. Geobear re-leveling is faster and less disruptive than piling or underpinning. Piling and underpinning require invasive excavation using heavy machinery that’s loud and disruptive to the site occupants. In most cases that Geobear deals with, customers can continue their normal operations during remediation works and the area being treated can be recommissioned for use within minutes of the works being completed.

This makes it perfect for sites which see a lot of use and for businesses which need the site to continue functioning. We pride ourselves on our convenient service that aims to fix your problem with as little disruption to you as possible. Our team is trained to work with clients, to figure out the most convenient schedule for them – for example, we’ll often work at night when the site doesn’t need to be in use.