Slab lifting & re-leveling

It is common for concrete slabs to sink. More often than not, this is the result of expansive soil issues. Clay-based soils tend to swell and shrink when there are fluctuations in moisture and temperature, resulting in concrete slabs on the surface sinking down. This happens everywhere from major industrial facilities to homes and motorways.

At Geobear, we have years of experience in re-leveling slabs that have sunk. Our quick, efficient and professional solutions get the ground beneath your feet back where it should be, in no time at all.


Geobear in warehouse

Geobear injecting material under racking

A sunken slab can be a major issue for an operating business. It may result in having to fence off areas, while equipment such as automated forklifts may not work correctly. In the worst case, the sunken areas can become a real health and safety risk for employees.

Using Geobear is the fastest way to solve a sunken slab problem: there is no digging required and site operations are not affected.


Slabs sinking on a motorway is common across the UK & Ireland. We provide a fast lifting solution that mitigates water ingress and raises slabs to ensure a level journey for traffic. Our teams work overnight to deliver repairs, ensuring minimal impact on road users.


sunken floor slab

Sunken floor slab in a house

Homeowners regularly experience a sinking or sunken floor in their homes. The solution we provide is a fast, non-disruptive repair with no major digging necessary; homeowners can even stay in their property whilst repairs take place.


The Geobear re-leveling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence or settlement stabilisation and, where possible, re-levels sunken concrete slabs.

We use a special geo-polymer resin that is designed to re-level your surface in a quick and non-disruptive manner. The resin is injected into the ground through small holes and expands below ground to lift the sunken floor. It follows the path of least resistance until all space is filled and the soil is suitable compacted enough to bear the load of the structure above and begin raising it up.

Due to the fast setting time of the geo-polymer material, re-leveling offers distinct advantages over other remediation methods. Geobear re-leveling is faster and less disruptive than piling or underpinning. Piling and underpinning require invasive excavation using heavy machinery that’s loud and disruptive to the site occupants. In most cases that Geobear deals with, customers can continue their normal operations during remediation works and the area being treated can be recommissioned for use within minutes of the works being completed.

This makes it perfect for sites that see a lot of use and for businesses that need the site to continue functioning. We pride ourselves on our convenient service that aims to fix your problem with as little disruption to you as possible. Our team is trained to work with clients, to configure the most convenient schedule for them – for example, we’ll often work at night when the site doesn’t need to be in use.


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