Railway Subsidence Solutions

When it comes to subsidence, railway tracks and bridges are some of the highest risk areas for people’s safety.

Compared with repair work on buildings, repair work on railway tracks and platforms will disrupt the lives and schedules of far more people. It’s vital that it’s done quickly and in a way that leads to as short an interruption of service as possible.

That’s where Geobear excel. We can save you money and disruption time on railway track, platform, yard and bridge repair. Geobear’s polymer injection processes support and re-level moving and sunken hard-standing, track, platforms, weighbridge areas and buildings. The more time that service is disrupted, the more annoyed passengers will be and the more revenue rail companies will lose out on.

Unlike with concrete underpinning, no excavations are involved – there is no dust, mess or water, and minimal disruption. Large areas can be treated at the same time, and work is carried out at night if required, reducing rail possession time (an important CDM consideration). The treatment is fast, most jobs are done in a day or two and the area is trafficable immediately after treatment.

Geobear recently worked on a section of the Midland Mainline near Kentish Town.

We used our resin injection process to stabilise the tracks and enable Network Rail to quickly bring the line speed back to normal operating limits.

This is achieved with no excavation and completed in hours. The video highlights a before and after to illustrate how effective our solutions are. Using cameras trained directly at the tracks, we show you how our polymer resin injection results in tracks which don’t sink down when trains go over them.

Geobear offers a solution to keep the network running.

Quick – Using our pioneering geopolymer technology the work is finished in hours, compared with the few months traditional repair methods can take. With Geobear, planes can start moving again just fifteen minutes after the work. We are by far the quickest solution available.

Cost effective – Geobear, overall, is more cost effective solution. Because our work causes minimal disruption, loss of revenue is low. In the next ten years, Geobear will save EU taxpayers 113 billion euros.

Efficient – Our work is monitored by lasers. It creates a firm base which extends the life of cracked slabs. In 35 years, our materials have never failed.

Environmentally friendly – Compared with other methods, our carbon footprint is very low. Materials will not affect ground water.

In nearly 40 years, Geobear has done over 100,000 projects in 50 countries, proving the benefits of our re-levelling and stabilising solutions.

Geobear is committed to a policy of Zero Harm for our employees, the public and the environment.

Read more about geopolymer and its effects in the ground.

Network Rail monitoring video

This Network Rail monitoring video shows the impact of a rail vehicle before and after the slab has been stabilised with Geobear geopolymer material.

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