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Public Building Subsidence Treatment

Public buildings generally have a lot of foot traffic every day, with both employees and members of the public going in and out regularly. This makes ground subsidence dangerous to a larger number of people than in a home or small office building. Additionally, any work carried out on them will inconvenience more people and so minimal disruption is a necessity – that’s where Geobear comes in.

The Geobear processes are ideally suited to public buildings, as the speed with which they are applied and the lack of excavations means there will be minimum disruption to those who use the building. Our resin is injected through small holes and sets very quickly. Compare this to concrete underpinning, which requires heavy machinery and excavation and requires that people not be in the building while it’s being carried out.

Facilities can continue to be used while the Geobear repair is carried out, with the processes applied to one area at a time, allowing the rest of the building to remain in use. We train our team to treat each project as entirely unique, requiring thorough investigation from the start and a bespoke solution at the end. Our team will work closely with you to decide when and where they should work, even going as far as working at night, to minimise disruption to employees and the general public.

If you notice any symptoms of ground subsidence, such as cracks in walls, brickwork out of place, or windows and doors getting stuck or not closing properly, then get in touch with Geobear. The team will do a thorough analysis of the building to evaluate the severity of your problem and work out the best solution for it. Don’t allow the problem to get worse than it already is – the potential damage, costs and danger far outweigh what you’ll pay to get a permanent solution from Geobear. Local councils often want to save money, and Geobear’s polymer injection solution is a great way to save money down the line.

Solutions that are ten times faster than alternative methods

Floor or foundation subsidence may cause several different types of functional and aesthetic problems in buildings. The most common problems are that doors and windows become stuck, cracks appear on walls and floors, or some unexpected water leakages appear. Safety in everyday working is one of our basic expectations. Uneven floor surfaces may result in an unpredictable environment, which can lead to injuries such as a sprained ankle or even a bump on the head.

Geobear repairs are usually completed in days, rather than weeks or months. Left untreated, subsurface ground failure can pose safety risks and interfere with the smooth running of society.