Problems with the vibration of two production line machines had been observed in the production facilities of a company specialising in the assembly of electronics and mechanics. The vibration was found to be caused by the natural frequency of the soil and floor under the machines. Because the assembly of the electronics requires extreme precision, the vibration adversely affected the efficiency and quality of the work.


Geobear’s experts concluded, based on a study by the customer, that the vibration was due to the ground conditions of the production equipment. The problem was solved smoothly with our floor stabilisation service, and the solution utilized geopolymer injection developed for similar conditions. A more traditional concrete slab casting option would also have been viable, but this would have required the cessation of production and thus be significantly more expensive than Geobear’s solution in terms of the total cost.


Geobear carried out the repairs according to the customer’s wishes on a Saturday, when there was a natural downtime in the production process. Holes of 12 mm were drilled in the problem areas, through which the geopolymer was injected into the soil under the floor according to a precise plan. The swellable geopolymer bound the loose soil.

The stabilisation of the floor went according to plan, and the project objectives were achieved in about three hours. Ex-post measurements estimated that vibrations to production equipment were reduced by up to 80 percent.

The assembly plant continued to operate with an optimal process on Monday morning.

“I would not have thought that the end result would be so good and on such a fast schedule”, the representative of the client company said with satisfaction.

Geobear’s range of services covers a wide range of solutions suitable for floor support and lifting, as well as soil improvement, which also takes into account the special conditions required by the sites.

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