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Geobear resolves subsidence affecting the perimeter of the entire property

Geobear was called out to a property in Leicestershire that had suffered from subsidence. A number of factors had caused the issue, primarily shrinking clay soil which was exacerbated by roots from adjacent trees.

Pine trees lined the road where the property was located and roots within the soil were absorbing excessive moisture. When clay soil loses moisture it shrinks and can cause a structure above to sink slightly. Subsidence is structural movement and is usually visible by diagonal cracking in the brickwork of a property.

When structural movement occurs it requires geopolymer injection or mass concrete underpinning to either stabilise the soil or extend the depth of the foundations.

Injection tubes

Injection tubes line property

On this property, Geobear used its geopolymer injection method to stabilise the soils beneath the foundations. In order to complete the works, Geobear assessed the site investigation data that reveals the depth of the foundation, the soil type which was moderate PI (plasticity index) clay and the presence of roots. Consequently, Geobear designed a scheme using one of its specialist geopolymers for use in clay soil. The design required injections spaced around the perimeter walls of the entire property and to a number of metres below the foundations.

The geopolymer material Geobear uses expands in the clay soils and fills the fissures and microvoids.

Due to the extent of subsidence at this property, the work took five days to complete. Typically subsidence issues are isolated to one area of a property and can be completed within a day using a Geobear method.

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