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Subsidence in a Co. Wexford Property

Executive Summary

This case study examines the effective resolution of significant subsidence issues in a detached two-storey property in County Wexford, Ireland, utilising innovative Geobear solutions. Faced with extensive cracking in the structure, the homeowner sought a permanent and less disruptive solution than traditional concrete underpinning. Geobear’s approach, involving geopolymer injection, proved to be a quick, efficient, and less invasive method, resulting in high customer satisfaction.


A homeowner in County Wexford was confronted with extensive subsidence-related cracking in their two-storey detached property, affecting both internal and external elevations. Seeking a definitive solution to this structural issue, they explored various alternatives.

Customer Alternatives

The primary alternative considered was concrete underpinning. However, the homeowner was reluctant to pursue this option due to the prolonged duration of the project and the significant inconvenience it would entail, including the presence of heavy machinery and the need for excavation.

Why Geobear?

Opting for Geobear’s services, the homeowner benefitted from a markedly less intrusive method. Traditional concrete underpinning would have necessitated at least three weeks to complete, involving extensive excavation and the presence of heavy construction equipment. In contrast, Geobear’s solution was accomplished in just two days without any excavation, removal of spoil, or heavy machinery on site.

Geobear Solution

The Geobear team implemented a solution involving 21 injection points around the property’s foundations, reaching a designed depth. Each point received a designed amount of geopolymer material. Additionally, Geobear conducted drain monitoring throughout the process to ensure the integrity and functionality of the property’s drainage system.

Customer Testimonial

The homeowner expressed high satisfaction with the Geobear solution, rating their experience with a 9 out of 10 on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale. This score reflects the effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment, as well as the minimal disruption and inconvenience caused during the process.


The Geobear solution for the subsidence issue in the Co. Wexford property demonstrates a significant advancement in handling such structural problems. With a focus on speed, minimal disruption, and effectiveness, this case serves as a model for addressing similar challenges in residential properties.

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