factory floor stabilisationGeobear stabilised and lifted factory flooring in a West Country industrial facility with racking up to 90ft high. Accuracy of +/-3mm was achieved.

Polymer injection is ideally suited to today’s warehouse sector, with super-flat floors and high racking. Older methods of digging out slabs, filling voiding with cement materials and replacing slabs is immensely disruptive, and would struggle to achieve the extreme accuracy of the Geobear method which can be easily applied while the facility continues to operate normally.

Geobear materials increase the floor’s load-bearing capacity by 200%, and have a minimum design life in excess of 100 years – although the basic integrity of the material could last up to 1000 years. The resins are powerful and can develop up to 1000 tonnes of thrust, lifting the floor and adjusting the racking, even when fully loaded.

Large areas of flooring can be treated quickly – typically, Geobear teams can lift 1000 sq metres of flooring by 50mm within 5-7 days, although this can be speeded up further as required