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The Floral Pavilion Theatre is situated in the seaside town of New Brighton on the Wirral Peninsula in England. The original building opened in 1913 and was completely rebuilt as part of the £60m Neptune Project redevelopment in 2007.

Over recent years the floor slab within the main reception Plaza bar had settled causing a visible step across the floor.  Covering the floor slab was a single run carpet that had been glued down and estimated costs to replace the carpet were in excess of £100,000.  

A solution was required to relevel the floor back to its original datum without disruption to the theatre or the carpet.


Minimal disruption to the area where work was conducted.

Geobear solution

Following a number of meetings both on-site and at Kier Construction head office, our non-intrusive Geopolymer injection was chosen as the ideal solution.  Geobear completed onsite testing to confirm the ground conditions and extent of voiding beneath the slab.

The Geobear design allowed the carpet to stay in situ, ‘V’ shapes were cut into the carpet allowing 12mm drill holes for the Geopolymer injections. (see photograph top left showing our works in progress and top right post-injection) All or the remediation work was completed in only three days.


Alternative solution

The traditional alternative would have required the theatre to be closed down whilst the floor slab was replaced. Typically this method would have taken up to four weeks to complete, furthermore, there would be associated costs for the purchase and installation of a new carpet.


Floral pavillion carpet

The barely visible area of carpet where injections occur

Why Geobear

Using the Geobear solution led to estimated cost savings to the client in excess of £200,000. With a geopolymer approach, there was no disruption to the theatre operations and all performances could continue as normal.


Testimonial from the Client

“Can I say a huge thank you to you and your team for the outstanding work that was completed here at the Floral Pavilion. Geobear were fantastic also, allowing the Floral Pavilion to continue its operation whilst work took place.

We received no complaints from the general public and no loss of income was seen which was a real worry of ours in the pre-work planning sessions. The building was left clean and tidy and it felt like all of the team had real pride in their work.

Overall we are really pleased with the manner in which the work was undertaken and would highly recommend this method as a solution.”


David Mackenzie, Commercial Manager

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