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Peterhead Port SettlementGeobear is often brought in to deal with subsidence problems for maritime infrastructure due to the soil stabilisation issues that come with the territory and because Geobear is well-known for providing effective, quick and non-disruptive solutions.

The slipway at Peterhead port, on the northeast coast of Scotland, was built in 1931. It was originally designed for narrower and lighter vessels than today’s ships and consequently, the slipway had suffered settlement of up to 80mm. Geobear were brought in to provide a solution that would not require the break-up and replacement of existing concrete slabs, which would have been an expensive and hugely disruptive operation. The project required the stabilisation of 97 linear metres of concrete slabs supporting the rails of the slipway.

Geobear stabilisation and ground improvement processes were applied beneath 97 linear metres of concrete slipway at 1m centres. We use our very own geo-polymer resin, which has been designed from the ground up as the future of ground stabilisation. The Geobear resin expands to fill the voids, consolidating the ground and increasing bearing strength, resulting in long-term support. Our relevelling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence or settlement, where after stabilising, we monitor the expansive forces of resins which generate lift for sunken concrete slabs.

All 97 linear metres of the slipway were strengthened within a 2-week period without any disruption to the operations of the dock.

Our work at the slipway at Peterhead Port is just another project that we have completed to the satisfaction of the client, in terms of budget, schedule and quality. If you have seen any signs of ground subsidence, then please get in touch with the team at Geobear and we will get to work straight away on a solution that is perfect for your specific issue and site.

You can read more about Geobear’s work on ports and harbours here.

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