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Listed Wall Protected by Geobear

Cannon Hill, located off the main Finchley Road in Camden is situated to the north of the City of London. Although it has undergone considerable change in recent years the area still retails many historical features and its housing is typical of many London suburb, consisting of many 1920s and 30s stock.

Historic wall

With its historic features, many are understandably ‘listed’ and must be preserved both physically in appearance, but also from the potential impact of any adjacent construction work that could, quite literally undermine them. One such feature is a 39-linear metre wall that runs adjacent to a new property that is being developed and which, as part of its construction required piling.

Specifically, the listed wall is at the back of the area where the construction company, GSA Building Services Limited, has excavated and installed piles, which were necessary before the developer could build its planned property on the other side of the piles. The adjacent property and wall owner insisted on the ground stabilisation works being undertaken to ensure that there would be no present or future possible problems, as a consequence of construction work, to the wall.

Geobear is treating the areas behind the piles to stabilise the soils to minimise the risk of the wall’s collapse dues to works now or in the future.


Customer alternatives

Speed of install was of the essence with this project as the ground remediation work required threatened to impact the overall build schedule. The customer had explored several companies and possible solutions, including grouting options, but chose to work with Geobear as its reputation and portfolio of success on a diverse ranges of ground stabilisation projects more than demonstrated its capability of succeeding on this project.

In addition, due to the size of Geobear’s resource, it was able to meet the contractor’s build schedule requirements as well as being able to complete the project in an extremely short time period.


PlanWhy Geobear

Geobear was chosen as the developer needed a company and solution that could turn the job around not only in a fast and efficient manner but also safely, whilst achieving the necessary ground stabilisation to protect the listed wall.


Geobear solution

The contractor approached Geobear requiring it to treat 17lm of the wall to a depth of 3m and a further 22lm of the wall down to 1.5lm. Geobear arrived on site and undertook dynamic probe testing to ensure that these requirements would see Geobear’s geopolymer solution hit competent ground.

Geobear injected its specialist geopolymer resin behind the installed piles and brought about the required soil stabilisation tom ensure the wall’s integrity for many years to come. From arriving on site the project took just four days to complete with work undertaken on time and to budget.

GSA Building Services Limited were delighted with the Geobear solution.

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