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A property in Nottinghamshire had experienced some major subsidence problems over the course of a number of years. Extensive cracks were showing along the brick work on the exterior of the house and throughout the inside of the property.

As with many instances of subsidence, the full impact is much more pronounced when interior plasterboard is removed. The image shows the serious cracks to a party wall in the kitchen of this property and clearly illustrated an urgent need to find a solution.

cracks beneath plasterboard

Cracks beneath plasterboard

The problem occurred due to leaking drains over many years, only a small leak can saturate soils and lead to a wall rotating away from the house.

Customer Alternatives

This case was dealt with via loss adjusters, the house owner was a landlord who rented the property and consequently needed a very fast solution. Underpinning or piling would have taken weeks/months to construct beneath the property, meaning the tenant would need to relocate and the landlord lose income. A fast solution was required, which is a key reason for using Geobear – we could mobilise within a few weeks and remedy the situation.

Geobear solution

Geobear was brought in to inject our material beneath the affected wall on the property. We conducted dynamic cone penetrometer tests to understand the depth of the problem and could then select a material and treatment depth required to cure the problem.

remediation process

Our expansive geopolymer was injected at 1-metre centres along the party wall to a depth of two metres, as the material expanded it solidified and created a solid base for the property.

This property was quickly cured of its subsidence problem and the landlord could complete internal repairs and continue to rent the property.

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