Subsidence treatmentWhen a customer, Mr Agar,  from Leeds noticed his brick extension was moving away from the house, he wanted someone to wave a magic wand to stop it. He was desperate. The crack on the wall had got so big that he could no longer ignore it. The brick extension had been there since they moved in 42 years ago, and too much water may have made the ground unstable. Last year local builders patched up the crack, but it soon reappeared. No local builders were interested in the doing the repairs, and the customer had no magic wand. So he called Geobear.


Geopolymer material underneath the foundations of the extension. It was injected all around the outside perimeter wall, so Mr Agar could live normally while the work was being done. The geopolymer liquid solidifies underground, pushing out water, raising the extension and making the ground stronger and safer.


“Although I understood they could only stabilise the ground, they actually lifted the extension which significantly closing the crack. I also expected the paving to need complete re-laying but the disturbance was kept to a minimum,” says Mr Agar.

Geobear’s sub-contractors also fixed a broken drain, which could have been the cause of Mr Agar’s drifting extension. “First class in every way,” was this homeowner’s assessment of the work. The combination of Geobear’s skills and caring personality as a company proved to be Mr Agar’s magic wand.



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