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Geobear treatment plan

Geobear was contacted by Guildford Council to provide a solution for a distorted floor slab which had settled differently, up to 35mm. A design was prepared and quotation provided, within 8 days of referral.

The design was to inject a specialist geopolymer in a grid pattern to 0.5m below the floor slab. The expansive geopolymer filled voids to stabilise the slab and prevent further movement, and also lift the slab back into position, controlled by laser level to 0.5mm tolerance.


Lounge with settled floor slab

After instruction to proceed with the solution, Geobear commenced the project within 3 weeks.

The distorted floor slab affected the rear lounge of the property. Enabling works were minimal, involving clearing the room and temporarily removing the carpet.The slab settlement was clearly visible, around the perimeter of the wall.

The settlement varied, but was up to 35mm in some locations.



DCP testing

Prior to commencement of the project, health & safety checks were completed, followed by dynamic probe testing, to confirm the depth of weak ground below the slab. Some unknown voiding was discovered, which was addressed within the designed solution.

As there were underground drainage runs in close proximity to the floor slab, to the rear of the property, drainage monitoring was carried out during the work, to ensure there was no migration of materials into drainage runs.

Drainage monitoring

The drilling grid pattern was completed (12mm diameter holes), prior to installing the injection tubes, and injection of the specified geopolymer.

The project was completed within 4 hours, allowing immediate refitting of the carpet, and return of the relocated furniture. There was no requirement for any relocation of the occupants.




Client Testimonial

Geobear has provided services to us primarily for stabilising ground floor slabs in domestic housing by geopolymer injection. We have found them to be responsive, good to work with and reliable. They have been well organised in their work, from initial site inspection through to completion of the work on site. We have not encountered any problems or difficulties of any kind in their work for us. Advance communication of planned work is good, they have always kept to programme and invoicing is accurate and timely. On site, they have always been tidy and well organised.

Guildford Borough Council, Housing Surveyor


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