An eight bedroom home in East Sussex had a historic settlement issue;  several potential buyers of the property contacted Geobear looking for a solution. When our client acquired the home we conducted a site visit to see how we could help.

The property was built in close proximity to a large Oak tree and this was considered to have had an impact on the issue.

Why Geobear?

The client intends to renovate the property so needed a fast solution. Geobear was the answer!

exterior cracks beneath window

Our Solution

Using our ground improvement solution we injected a geopolymer into the ground. We treated 32 linear metres of walling in various locations, to a depth of 2 metres below foundation.

The work took just 3 days to complete, much faster than the alternatives.

Dynamic Probing Tests (DPT) tests were carried out pre works to confirm the treatment depth, and then again at completion to confirm the Geobear solution had improved the ground and stabilised the area.

Drainage was also identified in the treatment area so specialist drainage contractors were employed to protect these during our works to avoid any damage or material migrating into them.

Customer testimonial

8 bedroom site

“We were looking for a permanent cost effective solution for a property which had been suffering from gradual settlement which had continued for a number of years and after researching various options we decided that Geobear were offering the best solution. The work carried out was clean and none disruptive and we are very satisfied with the results.”



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