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The client Mitie are the facilities management suppliers for Hammersmith and Fulham council. Geobear have worked with Mitie to deliver subsidence repair solutions to a number of properties in and around the London area.

crack casued by subsidence

Crack in wall

On Munster Road the council own a three storey property which is occupied with tenants, but some serious subsidence was occurring towards the front of the property. The council urgently needed a solution to stabilise the ground, but didn’t want to unsettle residents by having them move out.

Customer Alternatives

As with many residential projects, the typical solutions would include underpinning or mini piling. For the council these were not realistic options, firstly the site itself was on a busy road, meaning significant disruption to traffic at the front of the property and secondly, the tenants would have to be re-housed for upto six weeks. With the need for homes at critical levels the option to re-house becomes impossible, the only solution is to move tenants into hotels. The costs, and upheaval for all, become unimaginable, but fortunately, there is the Geobear solution.

Why Geobear

Geobear can provide a perfect service in this regard, with our method, there is very little intrusion beyond some minor drilling work. When any of the work is delivered by Geobear, people can stay inside the property as we only isolate small areas of a home at a time. With potential hotel costs running into thousands, the Geobear solution was clearly the best option. Even the direct costs for the work are comparable to other methods.

For this specific project we were on site for two days and injected our expansive geopolymer materials at points beneath the floor and foundation at the front of the house. The house was stabilised and the residents can continue with their lives as normal.

Additionally a benefit of choosing Geobear is that we provide a full-service solution which can include original site investigations and pre and post dynamic cone penetrometer testing.



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