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Following visual signs and subsequent geo scan, the floor slab within the clients dairy plant was found to be suffering from ongoing settlement caused by leaking drains washing away the fine soils.

The client also needed to add a new water vat to the slab to optimise the cheese manufacturing, this would require additional loading – so the requirement was to also strengthen the ground.


Customer Alternatives

As the site was live, there were no clear alternatives, piles or excavation would have taken months resulting in great losses to production time and operations on the site.


Why Geobear

Geobear has been used frequently in areas where food production or manufacturing takes place. The speed and lack of disruption of the Geobear solution makes it an ideal fit for sites with live operations and pressure to maintain production.

We could fill the known voids beneath the slab and stabilise the fill arresting any further settlement without causing any disruption to the facility or its cheese making capability. Our materials also strengthen the ground to prevent future settlement due to greater loading.


Our solution

The full programme saw the mobilisation of the Geobear specialist injection unit with two highly trained technicians and drainage protection team.  Our team drilled 12mm holes directly through the slab at 1.5m centres over the entire dairy plant room of 484m2.

Our site technicians then pumped specialist geopolymer material through the steel tubes in a predetermined pattern across the floor of the site.  Once injected, the geopolymer migrated and expanded both horizontally and vertically taking the path of least resistance and filling the voids. As the geopolymer expanded vertically it placed pressure on the underside of the slab, eventually ending its liquid phase and becoming solid. This also reinforces the strength of the slab to accommodate heavier loads.

Project was successfully completed within 2 days without any disruption to the facility operations.


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