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  • (June 18, 2019)

Meet the Team with Kevin Doyle

Name: Kevin Doyle Company Role: Head of Infrastructure projects Favourite quote: Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde) Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books? Tsan su art of war Steven Gerrard – My Story, To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee. What is something your customers have to deal with that you want […]

  • Company
  • (June 14, 2019)

Like Father, Like Son : The Geobear Success Story

Timo Lahtinen is the founder of Uretek Worldwide and its predecessors, a company that created a new industry to 38 countries around the early 80’s invention of non disruptive re-levelling of sunken concrete, and subsequent inventions to strengthen soils with expansive geopolymers. The business operated as intellectual licensing business until 2009, after which it took […]

  • Infrastructure
  • (June 6, 2019)

Lunchtime Webinar: Road stabilisation – 12th July

Changes in soil dynamics and the impact of increased axle loads has gradually degraded our road surfaces. Consequently, both flexible surfaces and concrete slabs are now becoming unstable, resulting in sinking slabs and fracture on the surface. The problem commonly lies below the surface – over time the heavier loads lead to increased compaction and […]

  • Health and Safety
  • (June 5, 2019)

Exploring the Environmental Impact of Polymer Injection

Today is World Environment Day! A 2018 independent research report explored the environmental impact of geopolymer injection when compared to traditional techniques for ground stabilisation. Geobear is the original provider of geopolymer injection and we are committed to our “Zero Harm” policy of protecting the environment. We commissioned experts in sustainability to analyze the environmental […]

  • Company
  • (May 24, 2019)

Driving innovation in Ground Engineering

Geobear has been implementing innovative, cost-effective solutions to stabilise ground and correct settlement or subsidence in the UK and throughout Europe since 1983. Now, positioned to continue their growth, Geobear are exploring socioeconomic impact through widespread use of it’s technology. In the summer of 2018, weather patterns led to a record number of subsidence claims […]

  • Commercial
  • (May 23, 2019)

Webinar – Geopolymer and its use in commercial buildings

12:00 noon – May 31 2019 OBJECTIVE Geopolymer injection is widely used across the built environment to stabilise the ground and re-level sinking floor slabs. Its use can also extend to improving ground strength to allow for additional loads. This webinar looks at the fundamental principles of the process and provides detailed project examples of […]

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