Meet the Team with Freya Chapman

(April 9, 2019)

Name: Freya Chapman

Company Role: Customer Service Manager, UK and Ireland.

Favourite quote:  “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” Tony Robbins

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?

Unleash The Power Within, Tony Robbins

Little Women, Louis May Alcott

Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte

Never Split The Difference, Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

What is something your customers have to deal with that you want to fix?

I mainly work in the Residential sector of our business and my team is the first point of contact for often fairly distressed and anxious customers.

It is essential we are knowledgeable about our solutions. We gather information about the problem and inform the customer about the process Geobear will take to rectify their issues, from organising a site visit to arranging site investigations.

One of our biggest investments in life is our property so it is extremely important that we safeguard our investments against any potential damage. My team aim to alleviate the worries and stresses subsidence can bring.

It is possible for my team to access each project enquiry but we often find that customers like to have one point of contact. We believe that having one point of contact, wherever possible, adds a personal touch and offers reassurance that there is always someone there.

What do you do at Geobear?

I manage the Customer Service team for Geobear UK & Ireland.

My team and I are the first point of contact with our clients. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything I do.

I work tirelessly to improve our processes and procedures to ensure the service we provide is exceptional and informative to the customer.

Continual development of my team is essential to provide precise and up to date information with regards to ground movement and trends.

What is your past experience, for working in your position?

I have worked in similar positions over the last 12 years and built my geo-polymer and ground engineering knowledge whilst in this position as well as my previous positions within Geobear.

I constantly strive to broaden my knowledge and improve my understanding of Geotechnical Engineering and our competitors so we are always one step ahead.

What do you like about working at Geobear?

We have fantastic values and the solution speaks for itself.

I vividly remember the first time I saw our solution in action and it really was a “wow” moment, seeing really is believing.

Working for the founders and market leaders of geo-polymer ground engineering is not only exciting but motivates me to progress my career further within this industry.

What are the values that drive you?

Passion, commitment, knowledge, success, growth, contribution, honesty and happiness.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I have a young son who I have lots of fun with, also like spending time with friends and family, going to the gym and anything creative.

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