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Guide to Measure Dimensions

Taking accurate dimensions of the treatment area is key to being able to provide a quotation for the required works. That said, this is not a daunting task and can easily be carried out. It is important to capture the length of the wall(s) where the cracks have appeared and this can either be by tape measure, laser measure or even counting the number of bricks horizontally across the wall. As equally important, we do need to understand where doorways are within the treatment area, whether these are typical single doors, or patio / french doors, as well as bifold doors. We would also need to understand where floor to ceiling windows are also present as these along with the doors, highlight to us where we need to ensure we do not provide an injection point beneath these areas as the load from the building is not transferred to these areas. 

Other key measurements needed are for any drains that are visible within the treatment area. These may present as a rainwater pipe, or a kitchen sink pipe, soil vent pipe etc. The first thing to do is to draw a very simple plan of the area to be treated.


Measuring the Wall – The area of works typically include a corner to a property and therefore measure from the corner to the extent of the works, which normally is to a doorway. This can either be through tape measure, laser measure or number of bricks across the wall. 


Measuring the Doorway – These are to be measured from the face of the brickwork on one side through to the opposing face of the brickwork. Again this can be measured by means of counting bricks and as a rough guide, a typical standard doorway is 900mm wide which equates to 4 bricks wide.


Measuring Windows – Whilst we do treat below standard windows, we do request that these are also measured so that the plan we carry out, is accurate to how the building structure presents itself and to allow the technicians to clearly identify the area to be treated. Again these can be either via tape measure, laser measure or the number of bricks.

Measuring Drains – These are important as we need to ensure that our injection points do not conflict with the drains and therefore create possible delays when we come to carry out the injection works. These can be measured either back to a corner of the property, or to the edge of a window or doorway. Measurement can be either to the edge or centre of the pipe that is being measured. The measurement itself can again be either by tape measure, laser measure or the number of bricks to what you are measuring from, as described above.


How to take appropriate photographs

wall cracks garageThere are two important aspects to providing photographs, firstly it is helpful for us to see the wider view of the area of concern. With this in mind try to stand away from the area, as much as possible, so the camera frame captures the full wall (or walls) where any cracking has occurred. It is also beneficial if you can take a photograph of both the interior and exterior of the property.

Secondly, a closer shot of the cracks is helpful for us to assess the seriousness of the issue, again if possible, please take these from both inside and outside the property.

If you can not take any photographs we will assess the situation during a video or in person site visit.