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Lockdown Summer: the Ideal Time to Renovate Your Home

(July 9, 2020)

In these unprecedented times, it will be a very different Summer to what we are accustomed to. In previous years most of our time is spent counting the days down until our Summer holidays. Government advice is changing all the time, but holidays abroad or in the UK will be limited due to the current measures in place. 

Many of us are pondering what to do instead. DIY and Garden Stores have seen a sharp increase in sales, as people use this time to complete jobs around the home. Summer 2020 is the ideal time to complete a renovation project. Here are 5 important tips to consider before you start, 

1.Employ a Structural Engineer

Any project that may include the removal of load-bearing walls, alterations to the width of windows and doors, or alterations to the roof/loft conversion should be assessed by a Structural Engineer. Additionally, a Structural Engineer can assess the property for issues such as damp or structural movement. As the lockdown eases, in-person site visits are possible again, particularly where there is a concern of structural inadequacy. The alternative would be to discuss an online inspection. 

2. Don’t panic if the Structural Engineer identifies a subsidence issue

There are options available to address the issue. If the movement is minor it may be the Engineer suggests that appropriate crack repairs are required only. If there is something more serious that requires remedial action then there are solutions available. The traditional solution would be underpinning. The alternative solution would be a ground improvement solution that uses a geopolymer injection method to resolve the issue. The latter is the preferred option if you require a fast solution, that will cause minimal disruption. The work can be completed in as little as 1 day. 

3. Work out your budget, and ensure the costs coming in stay within it. 

Renovation costs can quickly stack up. It’s a good idea to get a quotation for all your plans and stick to your budget, do not put yourself in any financial difficulty. Being savvy with your renovation can help save money too. It’s good to see if things can be restored, rather than replaced. Period features hidden under the dust, and dirt may just need some tender loving care, and will add character to the house. Researching costs on the internet before purchasing will ensure you get the possible deal each time too. 

4. Prepare a schedule of works

Seek professional advice, from your Structural Engineer or Designer to outline what jobs should be done and in what order. They can provide advice about how extensive jobs may be, and how long they are likely to take. This will then allow you to book dates with any tradesman required and order materials to arrive by a specified date, to keep things running smoothly. It is worth noting that delays can be common, through no individual fault. For example, the weather can have a huge impact on certain works. Summer is therefore a great time to renovate and if predictions are correct, lockdown Summer is set to be dry and sunny. 

5. Employ a qualified Tradesman

It can be daunting searching for a reputable tradesman. Family and friends may be able to provide recommendations or if this is not an option, take time to research qualifications, ask for recommendations, and always get 3 quotes to compare. Once you have chosen a tradesman It is worth drawing up a contract too, so both parties understand who is responsible for what.

…and remember, if you need to improve your foundations to add a new floor, or stabilise your home following subsidence, Geobear can be in and out in one day!



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