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Free – Live Video Inspection with a Geobear Expert

If you have an issue with your property that requires a visual inspection we can now conduct these remotely.

Rather than visit your home we can schedule a time for you to discuss the issue in detail with one of our experts via a video call. To do this, we will need you to have access to a smartphone with a camera or tablet and we can arrange a call via Google, WhatsApp or any other suitable App.

On the video call, we will need you to be able to walk around your property so our experts can see clearly the extent of the problem. This will enable them to determine the extent of the issue and potential root cause. If it is a subsidence issue it is likely to be desiccation of clay soils, washout due to broken drains/flooding or vegetation.  Providing we can clearly see the issues on the video call we will be able to make an assessment of the problem and advise a solution.

In some cases, we may still need to visit the property to conduct a soil test or analyse site investigation data.

To request a video inspection, please either complete the form below or contact 0800 084 3503.



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