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Pro’s & Con’s of Going Through Insurance

As homeowners, we all look towards our insurance cover in the event that something breaks, becomes damaged and even looking towards them if your property suffers from subsidence. 

When it comes to your property, there is more to consider than just making a claim on your policy and there are arguments for and against taking this step.


  • The insurers take on all the stress, communication, dealing with contractors to repair your property
  • This process only requires you to contribute via the excess on the property, typically £1,000
  • They coordinate any alternative accommodation that you may require through the duration of the works


  • You are not able to decide who works on your property
  • The works may take significantly longer to complete through alternative schemes for underpinning
  • Works carried out will need to be highlighted to any potential buyers of your property in the future
  • This can add ‘stigma’ of being underpinned, to your property
  • This can have a negative impact on your property value should you wish to sell
  • Premiums, unfortunately, increase due to making a claim
  • You may be turned away from insurance cover in the future

Where Geobear can assist, is that firstly our works do not need to be highlighted at any time in the future as we do not ‘break ground’. This is to say that as we do not excavate, remove and subsequently replace the soil strata, our works do not need to be identified to any potential buyers in the future. This then subsequently allows your property to sell itself and not have any stigma attached which in turn then doesn’t allow your property price to be undervalued.

Furthermore, as our works are non-intrusive, there is no need to move out of your property or have your maintained gardens, driveways etc to be removed, excavated and then subsequently reinstated, thus allowing you and your home to function normally and not have your property turn into a building site. All of our works are guaranteed and we provide all the necessary documentation that you would need and expect.