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Ground Stabilisation for Utilities Companies

The vast majority of the UK’s utilities are unseen, as they are buried within the ground. Consequently, any maintenance work is subject to the complexities of excavation in ever-changing ground conditions. Geobear is the ideal partner when it comes to supporting excavation work or stabilising ground beneath existing utilities.

Geobear team stabilising ground for utilities

Support for utilities excavations

Excavating a site to lay or work on pipes and cables for utilities services is a major operation. One concern is ensuring that the soil at the site is stable, as any future movement could have grave effects on the utilities supply.

Geobear’s stabilisation techniques include injecting a geopolymer to compact the soil to make it safe and stable for new pipes and cables, as well as ringfencing existing utility sites where excavation is required and the soils are unstable. Any voids around new pipes can also be filled with our geopolymer to ensure that they are safe and stable.

Stabilising the ground beneath existing utilities

Where maintenance or upgrades are required and the ground is unstable, there can be serious problems with creating a safe and workable environment. This is where Geobear can help. The core principle behind our solution is to stabilise ground, this allows us to provide a number of key services to the utilities sector:

  • Ringfence an existing utility site where excavation is required and the soils are unstable
  • Provide a water barrier against high water tables which allows deep lying utilities to be maintained safely
  • Provide deep ground injections to stabilise utilities and prevent settlement
  • Provide void filling in and around pipes, either new or redundant

Interventions without the need for excavation

geobear geopolymer injection

In many situations, we don’t require any excavation to carry out stabilising work for utilities. This is a key benefit of the Geobear solution. We use our own purpose built mobile units to deliver the materials directly to site at distances of up to 75 metres. The method of delivery is drill and inject; depending on the soils we can inject at depths of up to 25 metres. The ground near your site can be swiftly stabilised without the need for lengthy and disruptive excavation measures.

Geobear is the perfect partner for utilities companies

Our solutions are used and trusted by a range of utility providers. We assist them with maintenance, upgrades and any other situations where ground improvement is required. In our case studies you can read more about how we stabilised weak soils to enable a cofferdam to be introduced in Blackpool and provision of a water barrier at a Scottish Water site near Provost Driver Court in Glasgow.

To get in touch with Geobear about utilities stabilisation services, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or give us a call on 0800 084 3503.


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