Infrastructure Subsidence Solutions

Public sector infrastructure includes the roads, pavements, water, sewerage and electricity. It’s all very important stuff to communities and serious problems would begin to emerge if any of these became damaged. And one way for them to be seriously damaged would be for the ground beneath them to sink or collapse. The amount of disruption to residents and businesses would be enormous. Here at Geobear, we recognise the importance of fully-functional infrastructure and that’s why we strive to fix any infrastructure problems that clients come to us about.

Geobear solutions have been successfully used in a wide range of infrastructure foundation repair works around the world in rail, airport, road and port environments. We have extensive experience in working on public sector projects – we are trusted by authorities at all levels to provide effective solutions quickly and in a way that keeps disruptions to an absolute minimum. Geobear offers significant advantages to the infrastructure sector, where it is not possible to stop operations – whether closing roads, runways or railways – during remediation works.

Geobear’s fast and non-disruptive methods have proven to provide an ideal solution in a sector which is not allowed to take a holiday. Our team will work closely with the authorities in charge to plan the work schedule, to make sure that it’s carried out at times when the infrastructure does not need to be used – eg. during the night.

If you are concerned that any of your infrastructure is suffering from ground subsidence, then get in touch with the team at Geobear, and we will get to work immediately to work out the scale of the problem and the ideal solution. We will work out a timetable and a budget with you to make sure that you are happy with the work, every step of the way.

Reasons to choose Geobear

Minimal delays to traffic

Cost effective solution

Short mobilisation times

Long term solutions

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We deliver projects on any sort of building or structure – from conservatory extension problems to 80,000m2 warehouses and road infrastructure. In most cases we will have the best solution, so get in touch today.

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