Infrastructure Subsidence Solutions

Read how Geobear could save the UK £500m/year

For three decades we’ve been working with infrastructure maintainers successfully deploying solutions in a wide range of settings to efficiently treat subsidence, voiding and stabilise assets.

Whether for road, rail, airports or ports, we have a wealth of experience working both for the public sector and for private companies to relevel weak ground and raise sinking slabs. We are trusted by authorities at all levels to provide effective solutions quickly and in a way that keeps disruptions to an absolute minimum.

Geobear understands that when it comes to infrastructure, bringing everything to a standstill for remediation work simply isn’t an option. This is one reason why our solutions are an obvious choice for many organisations. Our solutions are non-disruptive, the stabilisation methods we use are implemented very quickly during overnight possessions and our team will work closely with those in charge to plan a tailored work schedule to fit around the infrastructure needs.

On the below pages you can read more about Geobear’s solutions for different infrastructure and transport industries. To talk to a member of our team further, use the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us today on 0800 084 3503.

Alternatively speak to our regional managers directly:

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The Benefits of Geobear’s Infrastructure Subsidence Treatment

A proven, effective solution – Over the years, Geobear, formerly Uretek, has carried out over 100,000 projects, in a variety of different countries and sectors. We have a stellar reputation as a reliable partner for infrastructure projects – in over 35 years of business, our geopolymer injection method has never failed.

Resilient and long-lasting – Our patented technique sees a unique geopolymer being injected into the ground, where it follows the path of least resistance and expands to compact the soil. It’s a long term solution that reliably treats subsidence in railway tracks, ports, roads and all other infrastructure settings.

Eco-friendly – For projects that need to keep carbon footprints to a minimum, Geobear is the perfect choice. It is a faster method than traditional underpinning, with far lower energy consumption. The materials we use are also perfectly safe and don’t harm the environment.

Quick, affordable and efficient – We use laser measurement for ultimate precision in ground and slab lifting. By creating just small holes through which to inject resin, our non-disruptive procedure means that we can be finished on the same day, at a time that suits you. The whole process is much more cost-effective thanks to the avoidance of excavation and consequent prolonged road/rail/port closures.

If you are concerned that any of your infrastructure is suffering from ground subsidence, then get in touch with the team at Geobear, and we will get to work immediately to work out the scale of the problem and the ideal solution. We will work out a timetable and a budget with you to make sure that you are happy with the work, every step of the way.

Reasons to choose Geobear

Minimal delays to traffic

No excavation required

Short mobilisation times

Long term solutions

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We deliver projects on any sort of building or structure – from conservatory extension problems to 80,000m2 warehouses and road infrastructure. In most cases we will have the best solution, so get in touch today.

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