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Asset life extension through geopolymer injection

Our mature geopolymer injection solutions have been delivered for 40 years around the world.

Ground Improvement: If an increase in load capacity is needed, where existing ground or fill is weakened, we have a structural geopolymer that will increase load capacity to 350kn sqm. – We. can treat depths of up to 25m.

Stabilisation & Void filling: Where a pavement or section of railway has failed due to wash out or burrowing animals, our expansive geopolymer will fill voiding, compact soils or sub-base to stabilise the area.

Re-leveling: Where a concrete slab has sunk, our geopolymer has the required expansive force to lift an asset back to the datum levels.

All our solutions our faster than alternative methods and significantly reduce disruption.  Our solutions are non-disruptive, the stabilisation methods we use are implemented very quickly and areas are ready for traffic within 15 minutes.

We provide versatile, adaptable solutions with our geopolymer material – please contact us to discuss any potential use.

Learn how our solutions can save the taxpayer £500m annually in socio-economic costs. Visit our dedicated portal


The Benefits of Geobear’s Infrastructure Subsidence Treatment

A proven, effective solution – Over the years, Geobear, formerly Uretek, has carried out over 200,000 projects, in many different countries and sectors. We have a stellar reputation as a reliable partner for infrastructure projects – in over 35 years of business, our geopolymer injection method has never failed.

Resilient and long-lasting – We invented the process of geopolymer injection whereby a unique geopolymer material is injected into the ground – it follows the path of least resistance and expands to compact the soil. It’s a long term solution that reliably extends the life of infrastructure assets.

Eco-friendly – For projects that need to keep carbon footprints to a minimum, Geobear is a perfect choice. It is faster than traditional methods, with far lower energy consumption. The materials we use are also perfectly safe and don’t harm the environment.

Quick, affordable and efficient – We use laser measurement for ultimate precision in-ground and slab lifting. By creating just small holes through which to inject resin, our non-disruptive procedure means that we can be finished on the same day, at a time that suits you. The overall process is more cost-effective thanks to the avoidance of excavation and consequent prolonged road/rail/port closures. The socio-economic impact to the local community is also minimised.

Reasons to choose Geobear

Minimal delays to traffic

No excavation required

Short mobilisation times

Long term solutions