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A correct site investigation plays a crucial role in designing an effective geopolymer treatment for subsidence.

In order for a fully engineered subsidence repair to be designed it may require a site investigation. A site investigation informs about a number of important factors including:


  1. Understanding Site-Specific Conditions: Site investigation allows engineers to gather detailed information about the specific site where the geopolymer treatment will be applied. This includes factors such as geology, hydrogeology, soil characteristics, groundwater conditions, and any organic composition. Such information helps in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities associated with the site.


  1. Tailoring Geopolymer Treatment: Different geopolymer treatments are designed to address specific issues like soil stabilisation and clay shrinkage, By conducting a thorough site investigation, engineers can identify the specific problems and conditions at the site, enabling them to select the most suitable geopolymer treatment and tailor it to address the site-specific challenges effectively.


  1. Determining Optimal Geopolymer Selection: Site investigations provide valuable data to determine the optimal type of geopolymer to be used. Geopolymers vary in their composition, molecular weight, and expansive properties, which influence their performance. By analysing site-specific conditions, engineers can identify the characteristics required in a geopolymer, such as viscosity, stability, or compatibility with existing substances, and select the most suitable geopolymer for the treatment.


  1. Assessing Application Methods: Site investigation helps in evaluating the various methods available for applying the polymer treatment. Factors such as site accessibility, terrain, existing infrastructure, and potential environmental impacts need to be considered when deciding on the application technique. Site investigation data aids in determining the most efficient and effective method for applying the geopolymer treatment.

A correct site investigation is essential for designing an effective geopolymer treatment by providing critical information about site-specific conditions.


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