How subsidence problems influence your finances
(May 11, 2018)

Risto Valakari (Commercial Director Nordics) of Geobear explores how subsidence problems influence your finances


Urbanization is an ongoing megatrend that means people and businesses are moving increasingly to more densely populated areas, i.e. towns and cities. In terms of construction and geotechnics, it means that the suitable areas for construction become more valuable, since the demand increases and, typically, the best grounds are already built on.

This means that some business operations (such as logistic centres) are typically placed outside of the cities to less valuable areas, since the footprint required is relatively large.

Unfortunately, sometimes the ground conditions under buildings generate problems during building life cycles. That leads to a situation in which the building doesn’t receive the support from the bearing ground as originally engineered.

Whatever the reason for the problem, the consequences are very often first realised as visual problems, such as cracks on the floors and walls, as well as slightly tilting structures. Over time the problem develops and is only reacted to when daily operations in the building become influenced by it.

How can subsidence affect operations?

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