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How Should You Choose a Subsidence Contractor?

(February 26, 2020)

With so many options for contractors and methods of solving subsidence issues, it’s important to understand how to make the best possible decision when it comes to handling your settlement or subsidence issue.

Your decision ultimately should be based on your specific situation and the recommendations of your consulting engineers. While making your decision, here are five key factors to look for:


  • Does your partner have the right technical expertise?

Not all subsidence and settlement issues are the same. Ensure your partner has the technical expertise on their team to support your needs. It helps to ensure your consulting engineer can meet with the contractor and discuss specifications. Your technical experts will be able to help vet a contractor’s knowledge and experience in the field. 




  • Does your partner have a proven track record with projects like yours?

Ask for case studies or references from your contractor to find out about the company’s proven track record. While many companies will hold non-disclosure agreements, they can provide information on cases without disclosing private or confidential information. Understanding how other clients have benefited from working with a partner can help ensure you’ve picked the right partner. 



  • How much downtime or operational interruption can you withstand?

Understand your costs of operational interruption and what shutting down for a day, a week or even several weeks might mean for you. For some businesses, shutdowns can be cost-prohibitive or logistically impossible. For other businesses, partial shutdowns can be planned in advance without great effect to the business. 



  • Does the solution and provider meet your brand values?

Depending on your brand values, there are certain things to look for in a provider. If your company is committed to reducing environmental footprint, you would want to look for a provider that can minimize your environmental impact. If your company is committed to community development, you might want to find local contractors who employ local people. Align your provider to your brand values.



  • Does the provider offer warranties or guarantees? 

Ask your provider about the details of any warranties or guarantees and understand the fine print. Make a point to ask about how warranties or guarantees are handled to better understand the strength and resources of the provider. 



  • How does your cumulative cost change based on solutions?

It’s not enough to look at the cost of the solution. Make certain that you review the total cost including any disruption, business loss, wage losses, and additional repairs. As you are making calculations, calculate the loss by day and factor in what any adjustments or changes in schedule due to supplier unreliability might cost you. This helps you get a clear picture of the total cost – and the variables. 



When making important decisions about the partner you will rely on to support your subsidence or settlement repairs, you should have a provider you trust to consult, implement, and create a lasting solution for your facility. 

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