House subsidence & alternative underpinning solutions

ground beneath building

What happens underground

Underpinning is the old method of treating subsidence, now with Geobear it can be repaired in as little as one day. Our simple injections of material into the ground under your home cures subsidence permanently, it stops the environment affecting the soils and creates a solid base for the future. 

We invented this process and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years, completing 200,000 projects. In that time we’ve perfected the materials we use and the process – we inject our material as a liquid and it expands turning as solid as concrete which compacts the soils. There is no digging or excavation and none of the horror stories you come across with underpinning.

The solutions we provide address all types of subsidence where soil conditions have disturbed the foundations. Our process also works for sinking internal floors; that usually happens due to voiding beneath the concrete slab so it drops, our material fills those voids to stabilise the floor and even lift it back up. We also improve the ground strength, this means you can build on ground not originally suited for it, so you could add another floor to a house for example – we recently did this on a bigger scale at York Hospital.

Our geo-polymer resin injection method is designed to be carried out quickly, quietly and in a way that avoids disruption to the home and its occupants. Unlike other methods, there is no excavation required; we only need to drill small holes into the ground to inject our geo-polymer materials directly into the affected area.

Our solution is perfect for treating subsiding walls, sinking floor slabs, rotating extensions, conservatories, garages and bay windows.

Geobear’s technology is the advanced alternative to piling and underpinning and is widely used by Britain’s major home insurance companies & local councils, and in other areas we work for the likes of Network Rail, Highways England and most major Airports. We treat any size of project from small areas in homes, to stately mansions – but regardless of scale all our customers are treated with the upmost importance, just take a look at our reviews.

If you think your home might be suffering from subsidence, then please get in touch with our team and arrange a site visit, we can then work out a plan to deal with the problem once and for all.

Download our brochure or read our current case studies to see how it works.

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Why choose Geobear

You can stay in the property

We isolate areas for treatment to allow you to stay in your home, our friendly team will talk you through the process.

Work completed in one day

The majority of projects on houses usually take one day, be it a gable wall, extension or conservatory subsidence

10 year insurance backed warranty

We provide a full workmanship and materials guarantee

Customer finance or credit card payments

We accept payment via card and can accept customer finance agreements

No excavation or digging needed

Your home will be left clean and tidy, there is no construction work at all

Provides the same result as underpinning

Our solution is the alternative to underpinning, providing the same result without the time, mess and hassle of major building work

Recent projects

Geobear solutions on Channel 4 (recorded in our old name Uretek)

Watch this short film from 'Help my House is falling down', a Channel 4 show, which outlines our solution. It was recorded a couple of years ago when we were called Uretek.

  • Company
  • (June 14, 2019)

Like Father, Like Son : The Geobear Success Story

Timo Lahtinen is the founder of Uretek Worldwide and its predecessors, a company that created a new industry to 38 countries around the early 80’s invention of non disruptive re-levelling of sunken concrete, and subsequent inventions to strengthen soils with expansive geopolymers. The business operated as intellectual licensing business until 2009, after which it took […]

  • Infrastructure
  • (June 6, 2019)

Lunchtime Webinar: Road stabilisation – 5th July

Changes in soil dynamics and the impact of increased axle loads has gradually degraded our road surfaces. Consequently, both flexible surfaces and concrete slabs are now becoming unstable, resulting in sinking slabs and fracture on the surface. The problem commonly lies below the surface – over time the heavier loads lead to increased compaction and […]

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