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Help! Spooktacular Subsidence is Causing My House to Fall Down

(October 31, 2019)

The Challenge

For homeowners, Gomez and Morticia Addams, their nightmare began a few weeks before October 31st. They resided in an aging property on the outskirts of Frightville, England.

Throughout the hot summer of 2019, they had noticed cracks in the walls of the basement laboratory where their Uncle Fester spent many hours deliberating over strange concoctions.

Over the following months, these cracks began to extend to the walls of the family home. Morticia believed it was Uncle Fester’s bizarre experiments causing the problems, but Gomez did not agree and left it to get worse.

Eventually, the house started sinking so Gomez decided to contact one of Cousin Itt’s friends who happened to be a building surveyor by the name of Pierre Du Crack.

It wasn’t until early October that Du Crack could assess the situation. He visited Addams’ home after a week of strange noises and more cracking that had appeared up the exterior walls of the house. Du Crack and his advisors concluded that the house sat directly along the St. Michael’s ley line, plotted by Alfred Watkins in 1929. The peak underground activity for this ley line happens to occur in late October each year. This supernatural energy combined with the weather led to disaster for the Addams family.

On Halloween night, as children throughout the neighbourhood roamed the street in search of sweet treats and childish tricks, that structural integrity gave way and the home began to collapse. The cracks worsened quickly and made violent noises as the walls in one corner of the home seemed to buckle.

“The walls began cracking and crumbling around us,” recalled Morticia. I was frozen with terror. Luckily, Lurch reacted so fast. He just swept me up and moved us towards the front door. He swept up the kids and just herded us out to safety. If it weren’t for him, I don’t know what would have happened. Although we couldn’t find Thing anywhere, I hope it scrambled to safety”

The Solution

Desperate for a solution fast, Gomex called a Geobear. Sensing the panic in the situation, Geobear’s technical team came out right away to save the family.

They analysed the site and tested the soil. While it would have been easier to correct the issue before the structural integrity worsened, the team was able to correct the issue before any further subsidence made it worse.

Within a day, Geobear had injected their geopolymer into the soils and stabilised the ground. The home was stabilised and Gomez used a contractor recommended by Pierre Du Crack to help to restore the walls to normal condition. Unlike other solutions, Geobear’s cutting-edge, minimally-invasive process required no digging out of the foundation.

When asked about the results, Cousin Itt said, “I live and work there. I was worried about my lab and the countless research projects I’ve been working on would be lost in the process. Thanks to Geobear, my work, and my home is safe again. It was amazing watching the cracks just begin to disappear in my lab walls.”

When asked if the company’s geopolymer formula would be strong enough to withstand future surges of activity from the ley line the property rests on, Geobear CEO Otso Lahtinen said, “The supernatural energy channelled by ley lines are not based in scientific fact – just a fun bit of mythology. the Addams family is going to spend many happy generations here due to our geopolymers’ strength and durability. Geopolymer solutions have superior effectiveness in erosion control, which is a very real issue affecting millions of property owners across Europe.”


Subsidence affects millions of property owners, contractors, homeowners, and investors across Europe. If you are experiencing cracks in walls or foundation due to subsidence, don’t be like Gomez Addams, contact Geobear for a complimentary site visit and evaluation today on 0800 084 3503 or via our contact us form

*Please note Pierre Du Crack is a fictional character, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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