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Ground Improvement Engineering Services

before and after ground improvement works

If you need to improve the strength of the ground beneath foundations in order to add loads, Geobear provides a unique ground injection solution to achieve this without any excavation. We will design a scheme whereby we inject our material beneath the existing foundation, whether it be a strip footing, pad foundation or slab – this will improve the ground strength to withstand additional loads in the area up to 350kn/m3.

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Why is ground improvement engineering important?

Our solutions are suitable for any ground improvement needs. It could be a barn conversion, an additional storey on a property or public building or a new mezzanine floor in a commercial warehouse. If you find that the ground you’ve got to work with won’t be able to withstand the increased pressure that it’ll be subjected to: this is where we can help. We are experts when it comes to soil and ground improvement and our resin is perfect for improving the strength of foundation soils in a way that is faster and less disruptive than other methods.

There are various different reasons why the ground at a construction site might need improvement before being built on. One of the main reasons is if the soil type is likely to cause future problems. For example, granular soils are free-draining, which can result in building settlement further down the line. Or clay soils are susceptible to swelling, which can cause heave. Another common problem is voids, which can again cause buildings to settle.

Addressing all of these issues early on means that these future problems are avoided and you have a strong base on which to commence construction. If you don’t properly prepare your ground, then it is more than likely that you will run into severe problems when the load of a building is placed on to it. Settlement, subsidence and serious structural damage are all real possibilities if you fail to carry out preventative ground improvements. You should save yourself massive costs and upheaval later on by tackling problems at the first possible chance.

The Solution: A Resin Injection Process

Our ground improvement solution is an engineered procedure, whereby the bearing capacity of foundation soils is either continuously improved down to considerable depths or just at one specific depth, by the injection of expanding geopolymer resins. The procedure allows densification and compaction of the soil directly under a building, without the need for excavation, vibration or mechanical force.

Geobear ground improvement can be a fast and cost-effective alternative to piling and underpinning. It’s achieved by the controlled application of the forces generated by the expansion of unique Geobear geopolymer. Ground improvement, carried out by the team at Geobear, is a convenient and reliable process which enables customers to continue their normal operations during remediation works, saving you time and money.

How it works

The process for ground improvement solutions starts with surveying the soil conditions to determine how deep into the soil we need to inject the geopolymer. The composition of the soil also needs to be thoroughly analysed, so that any obstacles in the soil are uncovered before injection begins.

Next, a series of small holes is drilled through the slab or soil to facilitate the injection of the geopolymer resin. Geopolymer is then injected to the desired depth directly below the foundations, binding with the underlying soil and, where appropriate, raising the foundations to the desired height. Our solution is durable and effective, resulting in ground improvement that will last.

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