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Ground improvement under pad

If you need to improve the strength of the ground beneath the foundations of a structure in order to add loads, Geobear provides a fast ground injection solution to achieve this without any excavation. We use PLAXIS to design ground improvement schemes, whereby we inject our material beneath the existing foundation, whether it be a strip footing, pad foundation or slab – this will improve the ground strength to withstand additional loads up to 350kn/m3.

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Why is ground improvement and ground engineering important?


Plaxis design solution

Ensuring the stability and strength of the ground is crucial before embarking on any construction project. At Geobear we specialise in ground improvement, ground engineering, and strengthening using advanced finite element analysis techniques. Our goal is to achieve desired outcomes for ground improvement schemes, enabling vertical expansion and creating robust foundations for various structures.

When faced with the challenge of ground that may not withstand increased pressure, our expertise comes to the rescue. By employing innovative soil and ground improvement methods, we can enhance the strength of foundation soils quickly and with minimal disruption. Our team utilises resin-based solutions, proven to be faster and more efficient compared to other traditional methods.

Construction sites often encounter various issues that require ground improvement before building. One prevalent reason is the soil type itself, which may pose future problems. Granular soils, for example, are highly draining, potentially leading to building settlement over time. Clay soils, on the other hand, are prone to swelling and heave. Voids within the ground can also lead to settling issues.

Addressing these concerns proactively is essential to avoid future problems and establish a solid foundation for construction. Neglecting preventative ground improvements can result in settlement, subsidence, and severe structural damage. By taking prompt action, you can save significant costs and minimise disruption down the line.

When it comes to ground engineering and ground strengthening, rely on the expertise of Geobear. Our commitment to utilising cutting-edge finite element analysis ensures optimal results for your construction project. Don’t compromise on stability—choose our efficient and reliable solutions to create a strong base for your future endeavors.

The Solution: A Resin Injection Process

Our ground engineering and improvement solution is an engineered procedure, whereby the bearing capacity of foundation soils is either continuously improved down to considerable depths or just at one specific depth, by the injection of expanding geopolymer resins. We model a design solution based on soil investigation analysis and other site variables. The procedure allows densification and compaction of the soil directly under the foundation, without the need for excavation, vibration or mechanical force.

Geobear ground improvement can be a fast and cost-effective alternative to piling and underpinning. It’s achieved by the controlled application of the forces generated by the expansion of unique Geobear geopolymer. Improvement, carried out by the team at Geobear, is a convenient and reliable process that enables customers to continue their normal operations during remediation works, saving you time and money.

How it works

The process for our ground improvement solutions starts with surveying the soil conditions to determine how deep into the soil we need to inject the geopolymer. The composition of the soil also needs to be thoroughly analysed, so that any obstacles in the soil are uncovered before injection begins. A design solution is then created using PLAXIS modelling.

The solution will require a series of small holes to be drilled through the foundation into the soil, to facilitate steel tubes and injection of the geopolymer resin. Geopolymer is then injected to the in accordance with the design depth directly below the foundations, this binds with the underlying soil and, where required, can lift the foundations to the desired height. Our solution is durable and effective, resulting in ground improvement that will last.

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