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Geobear has developed its own proprietary technology, GeoRT – a real-time displacement control system, as an alternative to conventional compensation grouting.

Compensation grouting is a technique commonly used in with tunnelling projects. Typically, it involves the introduction of a structural material via grouting array into the ground between a tunnel and the buildings above. This material counteracts any soil displacement and building settlement that may occur during tunnel boring.

Real-time monitoring is used to measure any soil displacement or settlement when tunnelling and it accurately determines the required quantities of structural material to be compensated. This process is also used on major construction projects requiring excavation to ensure adjacent structures are not affected by the weakening of soils.

Conventionally, a grout mixture is used as the structural material to achieve compensation. The GeoRT process utilises a two-part expansive geopolymer to create controlled fracturing of the ground. When used simultaneously with tunnelling activities, the process can compensate for ground displacements which if left unmitigated would damage the existing built environment.

How GeoRT works


GeoRT v Traditional compensation grouting

GeoRT and the common method of compensation grouting both serve to achieve the same goal. However, there are specific differences in the methodology which can make the GeoRT approach more favourable.

Where a conventional compensation arrangement would be perfectly feasible to protect a site it would necessitate the construction of an access shaft and a sizeable construction compound. The minimal plant and enabling works with GeoRT gives a multitude of benefits that make it more desirable for a scheme:


Compensation Grouting

Installation time






Scale of disruption




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