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Geobear’s Infrastructure Manager, Darren Turns to His Residential Colleagues for Help with Subsidence at Home

(January 28, 2021)

Geobear’s Infrastructure Manager for the North, Darren Scott, was concerned with the presence of cracks around the bay window of his home.

He called in his work colleagues for advice and to provide a solution to resolve the subsidence issue. 

Darren lives in a village in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. The geology of the area was identified as sandy / clay soils.

The damage was localised to the bay window with cracks showing both internally and externally. Darren with his experience in subsidence had been monitoring the area, but the cracks were getting wider suggesting there was ongoing movement. It was time to take action to avoid the problem getting any worse and to avoid any more structural damage.

Geobear carried out a Dynamic Probe test during a site visit to confirm the depth of weak soils. Once the depth of compromised ground had been established a treatment plan was created. On the day of work, a series of injection tubes were inserted around 3 linear metres of the bay window. The geopolymer was then injected down to 1.2 metre below foundation level to fill the voids and improve the bearing capacity of the soils. 

Darren commented, on trusting the Geobear solution with his own home, 

“When we bought the property just over a year ago the settlement was highlighted within the structural survey report. Then the first lockdown kicked in and the world stopped for a little while. Thankfully Geobear were quick to respond with a Covid-19 safe working procedure and I was happy to arrange for a site visit by one of my colleagues. From the first visit to identify the scale of the problem through to the delivery by our technicians, everything was handled thoroughly and with true professionalism. We’re now safe in the knowledge that our home is safe and secure once more.”

Now the subsidence around the bay has been addressed, Darren has proceeded with masonry crack repairs and redecoration, and that is job complete.




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