Geobear Supporting Hurricane Relief
(November 9, 2017)

generators for hurricane reliefGeobear have provided generators to offer support following Hurricane Maria in Dominica.

Mark St Louis of Geobear UK was visiting family in Castle Bruce, Dominica when Hurricane Maria hit the Island.

Hurricane Maria has been regarded as the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica. It caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis.

The house Mark was staying at had the roof completely torn off. He witnessed first hand the devastation that the hurricane caused and he described this as something he will never forget.

It took six days before he was able to make contact with his family in the UK to let them know that he was OK. Following this he was airlifted by the British Military to the Virgin Islands.

Castle Bruce is a small village that has been severely affected by the hurricane, 98% of the houses lost their roofs. Water and electricity supply was destroyed. It is only now, two months following the disaster that the village have a limited water supply. Sadly, it is estimated that it will take 12 months for the electricity supply to return to the area.

Geobear have supplied two generators which will be sent to Mark’s relatives, an elderly Aunt whose home was totally destroyed and also to his cousin who has two young children.

Our thoughts are with Mark’s family and all those on the island still recovering from this disaster.